In the total unemployment, double-from Jennifer Lopez is now dedicated to this for a living


Las Vegas, Nevada.- With the epidemic by coronavirus (Covid19), millions of people have been affected by the quarantine, because they lost their jobs or simply prevented to do them.

Such was the case of Connie Peawho is known as the double Jennifer Lopez, continue to that due to the contingency is cancel all types of events sphere, including their presentations in Las Vegasnow and with the urgency of not knowing what to do, continue to Loose the Soup right now to survive.

I sent a very sad, into a state of panic, of depression That’s going to happen? There was No masks, I found no paper higinico, nothing,” Explained Connie.

With such a deficiency, the double of JLo coment that his hobby has always been cooking, so inici to create face cloths and she asked for help to his followers Instagram to send some to the hospital of your city.

Now and thanks to the support of many, the interpreter of Jennifer Lopez, has managed to come out ahead, as it has gotten a lot of orders, which have been liked for their designs original.

With information of: Drop the Soup