iPhone Pro: Apple prepares a new cell with triple-camera and with the design of the iPad Pro


The successor to the iPhone 11 Pro will have a triple chamber with a LIDAR and a design similar to the iPad Pro, according to a report from Bloomberg


pandemic coronavirus Covid-19

you do not stop the plans of

future releases of Apple

that has everything ready to

to launch their new iPhone


successors to the iPhone 11, iPhone and ipad 11 Pro

. According to a

report of Bloomberg

cell phones

will have a look similar to the design implemented in the iPad Pro


straight edges and flat screens

. This marks a difference with respect to the recent launch of Apple, with a display based on the rounded edges.

In the technical detail, in addition to the internal improvements in the processor, the new generation of

iPhone Pro

will be

equipped with three cameras

, accompanied by the

LIDAR system 3D

Apple revealed at the recent launch of the iPad Pro for the

applications of augmented reality


The screen will be 6.5 inches in the iPhone Max Pro

and it is hoped that these models have a

notch more stylized

thanks to a

compact design for the front camera and the sensors of the ID Face


In turn, Bloomberg also said that there will be

two more economical models

to update the

iPhone 11

that will be

two cameras on the back


The launch of the new iPhone 11, iPhone and ipad 11 Pro will also update other Apple devices, such as a

version more small, inexpensive speaker wireless HomePod

. There will also be a place for the

Apple Tags

some accessories that will allow you to make a follow-up of personal objects such as keys and wallets.

Apple also plans to

update the MacBook Pro and the Apple TV

, in addition to launching a

new iMac

and a

entry model of the iPad


Bloomberg has not provided further details on these updates


For its part,

it is expected that this week it arrives

the market

the classical model of the company

known as

iPhone 9

. With a classic design based on the

button Touch ID

this smartphone

could cost $ 399

and it would be presented to the

April 15,

according to a report

published by Forbes


Your time, despite the pandemic of coronavirus, Apple expects to complete the design stage of equipment in may and the estimated date of release would be scheduled for September, the date that the company led by Tim Cook chooses for the presentations of their new line of hardware.