It is a novel idea! Halle Berry launches new tool To cope with the social isolation!


In days of confinement, any activity that can be done inside a house is a good idea, and but say Halle Berry.

The american actress remains active between the kitchen and the exercises, because he is faithful promoter of lead a healthy life style.

And as well as she does, aspires everyone to be able to do so also, and for this reason wants to offer all the support possible.

From months ago is posting workout routines and recipes keto in its official account of Instagram, but now has decided to go a step further.

The artist of 53 years launched ‘Respin’, an app to help all who are struggling to live in social isolation. What a genius!

It is a “new digital community of health and wellness” that allows the closeness between the users, and everything is inspired by the experience of the the protagonist of ‘Woman in flames’.

“At the age of 22, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I knew that my health needed to change. The nutrition, fitness and well-being since then they have transformed my life, reconnecting my mind, body and soul, teaching me how it really is valuable to my body,” said Halle Berry.