J. J. Abrams prepares to HBO series based on Justice League Dark and The Shining


The director and writer J. J. Abrams is working on three series for HBO Max, one of which is based on the universe of Justice League Darkwhile the other is a spin-off of The Shiningthe classic horror of Stephen King. The third series will be an original production called Dusterwritten by the same J. J. Abrams.

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Produced by Warner Bros. TV and Bad Robot (the production company of J. J. Abrams and Katie McGrath, his wife), the new series from the hands of the director of The Rise of Skywalker will HBO Max, the streaming service WarnerMedia that is still to debut. And it seems that it is preparing a catalogue promising.

The first series of J. J. Abrams for HBO’s Max will be Overlooked, a spin-off of The glow that will focus on the characters forgotten in the hotel happy’s most famous horror movies. The series will feature a total of 10 episodes, and according to sources, will be written by Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown, who also lent his pen to Castle Rock. It will be produced by Bad Robot, Warner Bros. A TV and a King.

Duster it will be a series written by Abrams and LaToya Morgan (The Walking Dead) that will tell the story of the driver of the getaway of a criminal association of the decade of the 70’s, which is expanding its boundaries.

For its part, still we do not have much details of the last series, though we know that it will be based on the characters of Justice League Dark DC comics, league that made its debut in comic strips in 2011, bringing together characters such as Zatanna, Deadman, Swamp Thing and John Constantine. Warner Bros. has had the intention of bringing these characters to the screen for a long time, trying to bring together filmmakers as Guillermo del Toro.

The three series will come to HBO’s Max, probably in the same span of time in which to be released on streaming service, although it is not confirmed yet.