Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are planning a wedding in Italy


LOS ANGELES, California.- Apparently the own Jennifer Lopez confessed she had no idea of when you might marry Alex Rodriguez, but now he says that immediately ends the quarantine, will the yes.

“Obviously the only reason he has had to be postponed it is the paralysis caused by the coronavirus. The truth is that Jennifer wants to marry Alex as soon as possible, as soon as you finish all of this and you can get back to normal,” revealed a source to the magazine “Us Weekly”.

This urgency can be explained also with the fact that the vast majority of the preparations for the wedding are already ‘finalized’ or, in its defect, ‘paid’, so that sooner or later the lovers will formalize their marriage in any place of Italy.

Sources close to the couple claim now that as soon as you raise the measures of forced confinement they are married.

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