Johnny Depp debuts on Instagram and talks about it all: Amber Heard, the coronavirus


Breaking records. So it has been released on Instagram Johnny Deppone of the last stars of Hollywood that had been kept away from the world of social networking. The actor has emulated the enormous figures I got recently Jennifer Aniston in his debut, and in less than 24 hours has reached the spectacular figure of 1.7 million followers to just two publications.

Your first post was a photo of him surrounded by candles and accompanied with this enigmatic text: “Hello to all… recording something for you now… give me a moment.”

Shortly after, Depp published the promised video on that account for what has been encouraged now to enter the world of social networking, your point of view on the pandemic coronavirus, and gives its fans a musical surprise.

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“I think I had never thought of any particular reason to join social networks until now. Now is the time to open a dialogue, while the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused countless tragedies and damage in the lives of the people. Through love and empathy, we will help each other and we will survive,” said in his message.

On the song, a version of the ‘Isolation’ of John Lennon that appeared on the first solo album by the artist in 1970, says that “Jeff Beck and I recorded it last year. The prophetic words of John Lennon are pure poetry… This song is about isolation, fear and the risks existential of our world. So we wanted to give you this song. We expect truth that in our small way, help you to pass this strange time we are living in”.

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For his part, the guitarist stated that “Johnny and I have been working together on the music for a while. (…) We didn’t expect to launch it so soon, but given the difficult days we live in and the insulation, we decided that now it could be the right time.” The musician, who has two mentions in the Hall of Fame of Rock and Roll, promised that soon will come more news of both artists.

Finally, Depp –who took the leap of interpretation to the music next to Alice Cooper and Joe Perry in the band Hollywood Vampires– tackles above his personal situation and thanks that you have supported in spite of the controversy, in allusion to the defamation case and to the prosecution of ill-treatment in which it is immersed together with his ex-wife Amber Heard.