Johnny Depp joins social networks and breaks record of followers on your first day


Johnny Depp joins social networks and breaks record of followers on your first dayas it is well known that care like gold your privacy, but now, perhaps at the request of his eldest daughter Lily Rose Depp, already has a profile official.

And is that have been time difficult for the actor who is also a sought-after and mysterious hunk. Johnny Depp has been in several legal troubles following accusations of his ex-wife Amber Heardeven lost several roles in various films, but now that you have revealed the attacks, it seems that it has returned, stronger than ever after proving his innocence.

It was from one mysterious set, where Johnny Depp waved to the virtual world, dressing like a rock artist, with his jeans and classic sunglasses, in addition to the colorful tattoos on his shoulders. The new account Instagram the actor almost reached two million followers in a day of activity.

A brief message and followers of international stature

Welcome Johnny Depp not made to wait. Celebrities as your great friend, Penelope Cruzthe lovely Emma Roberts, Millie Bobby Brownhis daughter Lily Rose Depp and various means of communication are some of the followers most outstanding actor.

First, Johnny Depp he shared an image of what would be the video that arrived minutes after the clarification that I was recording something for his followers. The publication in less than a day sum more than 84 thousand comments and over a million reactions, in addition seen followers from all over the world.

The video came four hours after, and in him, Johnny Depp he pointed out that I had never felt the urge to be on social media, but this time dictated by the situation that reigned in the world before an enemy almost invisible that has claimed thousands of lives and jobs.

Johnny Depp he noted that it was a great opportunity to open a dialogue, but also to take advantage of the time with our loved ones at home and stay guarded to the extent possible.

For many years, Johnny Depp in addition to being an actor he has also served as a musician and revealed that precisely had spent the last year making an album, which can already be heard the first song, a collaboration by the side of Jeff Beck.

Johnny Depp he also used the occasion to thank the support of anyone who has supported you in these difficult years, both personally and professionally, indicating that you had no words to thank you for the love that he had received.