Justin Bieber presents: The best choreography to practice in quarantine


The american singer, Justin Bieber, planned for a 2020 full of new projects. After the release of their new album “Changes” joined the launch of its own documentary series autobiographical, although motivated to confinement, they must wait a little longer for his debut. In spite of this, there will be many materials that we will be able to enjoy the young star.

At the level of video clips, the innovation is immense. Well, thanks to a project of Bieber, called “Changes: The Movement” you want to support the world of dance. It is for this, that is posting different videos of the themes picked up on his last record material. With different post audiovisual published, it is time to learn.

From the day of yesterday, Justin Bieber, is spreading the #IntentionsChallenge with the premise that your followers will re-enact in this quarantine. Slowly, two dancers explain step by step, every move used, and invite everyone to dance. With more than 1,000,000 reproductions, it seems that many started to rehearse.

Tour Changes It Cancelled!

Motivated to chaos that he unleashed the Covid-19many artists decided to cancel their presentations for the common welfare. This was also the case of Bieber, although planned for a 2020 almost perfect, destiny had better plans. “The health and safety of my fans, equipment and delivery is the most important thing for me,” said the celebrity.

“The world is a scary place, but all we will resolve together. We cling to these dates all of the time that we were able to and can’t wait to see you all in person, as soon as you can“ published the interpreter of “Baby” in its official account of Instagram, where he has been entertaining the public to bring more fun to the quarantine.