Karol G recalls a moment in the past when offended, She reacts as well!


Many do not know the fact that Karol G has had to go through many, many strong moments throughout his life, which is why this video was made to remember one of them

Our beloved Karol G at the moment, it has nothing more and nothing less than 29 years of age, and although a few years ago was that began to rise on large scales its popularity, the famous bears after this dream for a long time.

Karol G since the year 2006, creating music and although at that time did not have the same fame that it has today, even so the artist was guest of honour at many programs of great prestige.

In a moment of his past Karol G she was invited to a television program, which aired in Venezuelabut she did not expect that such a program would react this way. But rest assured, because it was all part of a joke, that is why the famous remembers it so very funny.

To remember this wonderful moment, Karol G you start telling those who were present in the dressing room, both of whom had offended and then in turn begins to search for a glass of water, making reference to the time in which he put up all of the liquid to the actress of the program “What madness!”.

Without a doubt, it’s a fun memento for the famous singer Karol G But, it will be falling back on a joke similar?