Katy Perry boasts her ‘tummy’ in cuddly costume | Journal of Mexico


The singer us Katy Perry, showed in social networks your pregnancy, with a photograph where he is seen with an outfit of rabbit, this in the framework of the celebration of the day of Easter. Perry, unveiled a week ago that the baby I hope she and actor Orlando Bloom will be a girl, and show off your pregnancy in his most recent video Never Worn White.

People magazine, revealed that the couple is excited to have their first baby: “they are Both very excited to have a baby. Also they are very happy to be a girl. They love that they have this amazing thing and positive on which to focus at this time. It is a distraction so happy for them.”

It is expected that the eldest daughter of the couple to reach the world in this summer, for which Katy provides that the issue of the pandemic has passed for when the baby is ready for birth, so I mentioned it to the source:

“Katy really hopes that everything has calmed down with the virus for when the baby is born this summer. Try not to get stressed by the birth, but definitely think a lot of it,” said a friend of the couple to the publication before referred to.

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