Kendall Jenner tempts her fans: remember the old look and makes them choose, oh, How pretty!


The model Kendall Jenner left open a question to their fans: do you remember one of your great changes of look that only lasted a week? The fans want that again!

Kendall Jenner it is one of the models of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, that most captures the attention of the fans in social networks.

It is one of the women in your family more natural in theme, silhouette and, therefore, the followers the wants and gladden by its moments on the runway with couture dresses.

Unlike their sisters, their changes more ‘radical’ are seen in their forms of dress. Only a week you have opted for dyeing the hair, and Kendall Jenner reminded him as well in the social networks. How different it is!

Kendall Jenner was exactly (and nothing more) than a week dyed blonde, which premiered at the London Fashion Week during the last catwalk of Burberry.

How do you prefer: light hair or dark hair?