Kendall Jenner uploaded a photo with a homemade mask

Kendall Jenner he is a celebrity famous for having a great career in the fashion industry, as well as in the world of beauty, it is enough to remember that is an ambassador for brands such as Estée Lauder, in addition to that, sporadically, it has been shown that using the products created by the brand of her younger sister, Kylie (via Kylie Cosmetics), but apparently, nothing is beyond the power of a homemade mask.

Yes, with so many options at your disposal, all seems to indicate that the model and icon of beauty, Kendall Jenner, go to the homemade solutions to pamper your skin when you are at home. The proof of this is found in your account of Instagram, where it went up a image in which has a homemade mask set.

Kendall Jenner wears masks home to take care of your skin

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By paying attention, we realize that two ingredients are visible: one of them is the avocado (by the texture green and thick that it has on your face), and if you approach the image, we see that it has grains of oats. Two elements that can have large contributions to the dermis.

The benefits of a face mask avocado and oatmeal on the skin

The avocado in particular, is a fruit that in addition to having certain advantages when it is carried to a diet, you also have benefits in the dermis if you apply it in a utopian way, for all the vitamins and minerals that make it up. The phd in Biomedical and Nutrition specialist, Martha Martinez, who is also professor of Nutrition at the University Iberoamericana of Puebla, tells us this is particularly useful for a variety of reasons, one of them are the antibacterial properties which is through the vitamins A and Kthat can help to cleanse the pores when the sprouts are not too intense.

The avocado has benefits to be part of a diet and to apply it in a utopian way

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‘Your vitamins are beneficial, but also your fatty acids fall into the category of healthy fatsas are friendly to the skin, no matter if they are mixed, fat or dry, because it will return the moisture to the dermis, without causing reactions in it’, he explains.

Added to this is the use of the oatmeal in the homemade mask that Kendall Jenner has shown through its account of Instagram; an ingredient very popular in the kitchen, but also in the beauty. Currently, brands such as Sephora, Guerlain, or Fresh, use it as part of their product offering, but it led to a state of nature, it also has a myriad of benefits.

Oats is a cereal that many beauty brands used for their different benefits

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Oats is a cereal known for its antioxidant properties and fiber of has (of there which also help the digestion. According to dr. Martha Martinez, this may help purify your poresso that you can easily guess that the mask that has the celebrity, is to clean up the complexion.

How is the mask that takes Kendall Jenner?

If you’re using it on your face and neck (also it would be good to meet), then just use half of an avocado and tritúralo with a spoonsubsequently, add a small plot of oats and mix it with the avocado. Apply it on your face and leave to stand for 30 minutes, you will see that your skin will feel cleaner when you remove the mask with warm water.

Without a doubt, we are grateful to the celebrity as to the specialist, by giving all possible reasons to test this homemade solution.

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