Kim Kardashian dazzles with photos in a bikini in front of the sea

The entrepreneur Kim Kardashian is back with the promotion of his line of lingerie Skims and he did it wearing a set of bikini olive green.

The star of the social network showed off her figure curvy adorned with three different models. In the first photo wore the bikini greenin the second opted for one coffee, and in the third used lingerie beige.

Kim Kardashian she posed in front of the beach and wore a flawless makeup, consisting of foundation, shadows, brown, golden, outlined in black in the eyes, lip nude and golden glow. His hair was a protagonist with hairstyles braided and style wet.

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Bragged about his figure tonedthe fruit of arduous exercise sessions custom.

The ensembles modeled are part of the collection Stretch Rib which will be released on the 21st of April. Sales will only be available in the page

The protagonist of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, 39 years of age, revealed that his company is producing a full-face mask during the pandemic by Covid-19.

“We have five factories in different countries and we have been exploring how to make face masks, medical grade, how to do things that would be useful in hospitals. I have been working with our partners from other companies and our company of fragrances is doing disinfectant”.

Kim Kardashian also donated a million dollars for the purposes of the families most affected by the outbreak of coronavirus.


Photo: Grosby Group

Meanwhile, continue with their business projects. A couple of days ago, launched a new fragrance in collaboration with his mother, Kris Jenner.

Look at the photos of Kim Kardashian in the gallery.


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