Kylie Jenner responds like a pro to comments about your weight



Accumulate as many million followers as well as Kylie Jenner on the social networks involves dealing with a considerable amount of ‘haters’, but the celebrity-turned-entrepreneur with a wide experience in these matters.

Even if you have only 22 years, has for more than a decade living under the spotlight of the media’s attention, specifically since it started to appear in the reality show of your family, and at this point of his life has perfected the art of responding to the ugliness that lee on occasion in the virtual sphere.

This week, for example, he stumbled across an account on Instagram dedicated to collecting publications as ancient in the that someone had left a comment very little fortunate in a photo that was taken three years ago at a public event in Las Vegas, commenting that before, I was much thinner and had better appearance.

Your response to that user, and all who supported quickly that opinion was not long in coming to remind you that since then many things have happened in your life.

“I’ve given birth to a baby,” replied Kylie in reference to the birth of his daughter Stormi two years ago.