Lindsay Lohan sends a message to Tina Fey: you want to shoot “Mean Girls 2”



In the past few years Lindsay Lohan has been focused almost exclusively on his role as a businesswoman and, most recently, in his return to music with the single ‘Back To Me’. The background in that has been his career interpretative responds to a conscious decision that she took with the hope that his return to the big screen may occur eventually with the sequel to one of their biggest hits: ‘Mean Girls’, the movie known as ‘Bad Girls’ in Spain and ‘Girls ‘ heavy’ in several Spanish-speaking countries.

“I think I was waiting for that to happen for a long time,” he confessed, now in a interview that he has granted to the podcast of actor David Spade from his home in Dubai. “I wanted to come back for everything high with the sequel of ‘Bad Girls’ and get back to work with Tina Fey [la guionista de la comedia juvenil] and all of the team, and also with Mark Waters [el director]. That was what she wanted very in the background. I would have done a lot of illusion.”

To date they have released a sequel with no connection to the original story, the margin of which is developed in the same institute, and a musical that itself was backed up by Tina Fey and landed on Broadway in 2018.

However, Lindsay did not lose hope that one day he fulfills his dream: “it’s all in your hands, but it would be very exciting, the truth,” he added.

Waiting for that Tina Fey is encouraged to write a second part, the fans of Lindsay will be able to see it soon in a supernatural thriller that will star Mickey Rourke and in which she will give life to a detective.