Listen to the first album of Fiona Apple in eight years: ‘Fetch the bolt cutters’


MADRID, 17 Apr. (CulturaOcio) –

Fiona Apple is releasing this Friday its long-awaited new album: ‘Fetch the bolt cutters’. This is their first album in eight years, since the 2012 launch of the visceral ‘The idler wheel’.

In an interview she gave last month to the New Yorker magazine, commented that this new album is “raw” and with a lot of percussion. Also revealed that the album included a collaboration with Cara Delevingne who sings the vocals and plays a “meow” on the song that gives the album its title.

With this fifth album, Fiona Apple is back to amaze your audience and demonstrate that your music has no limits. The album was recorded at his home in Venice Beach hitting their own walls and incorporating even claps, whispers, echoes, and even barking of their dogs; all of this accompanied by his voice, his lyrics and his inseparable piano.

The album is now available on all digital platforms and will be out in physical format this summer. The repertoire of songs includes ‘I Want You To Love Me’, ‘Shameika’, ‘Fetch The Bolt Cutters’, ‘Under The Table’, ‘Relay’, ‘Rack of His’, ‘Newspaper’, ‘Ladies’, ‘Heavy Ballcon’, ‘Cosmonauts’, ‘For Her’, ‘Drumset’ and ‘On I Go’.