Man buys tons of paper per covid-19; now he asks that you get your money back

AUSTRALIA.- Before the pandemic coronavirus, covid-19, some people considered it a good idea to buy packages of toilet paper per ton, such is the case of a man in Australia after acquiring 150 packages of 32 rolls of toilet, recently was given the task of returning to the grocery store with the hope that you will accept all the paper and get your money.

The story of this man became well-known thanks to the director of Drakes Supermarkets, John-Paul Drake, uploaded a video to YouTube to tell what happened with this case, because it ensured that this client is just caused problems all over the country” for having a “ridiculous behavior”.

“Yesterday came the first customer who demanded that I return the money by 150 packages of 32 rolls of toilet paper and a 150-litre pots of hand sanitizer,” said Drake in his video.

“I said this (shows the middle finger to the camera). This is the type of person who is causing problems all over the country,” he revealed.

He also shared that the client with tons of paper she confessed that was looking to sell all of the paper by means of eBay; however, when you do not have luck and that the internet portal will shut down his account, he returned to where he began his problem.


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