Manolo Caro forward details of the third season of House of Flowers


The director of the series, whose third season premieres on April 23, we talk about the last part of this famous production

Without a doubt, “The House of the Flowers” it is one of the series, along with others like “Club of Crows”, have revolutionized the productions mexican and have been raised to a higher level in all of the senses with their fun storylines and great performances.

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Its director and creator, Manolo Caro, is proud of the success achieved with this and overwhelmed by the spread that had in other countries. “The international positioning was incredible. Now I have job offers in Colombia, Argentina, and Spain before but I was in Mexico. That has overwhelmed me, to impress and I appreciate very much,” he tells us exclusively to CLASS.

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The director of “I don’t know whether to cut my veins or dejármelas long” is passing the current quarantine in Mexico, although by the time your residence is in Spain. In a telephone interview tells us about the great emotion that he feels that the fans of the series will already see this third installment and understand many aspects of the characters. Also read: “It’s a romp that gives us life”: Manolo Caro reflects on the coronavirus

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“It is a much more nostalgic and more romantic. We discover how they fell in love with the characters in the 70s. In addition, we do not abandon the characters so much affection that you have, then you’re going to see how to intertwine the stories of them and they will be aware of other secrets: they realize because they are so, why were born into this family, why they think so. It is a great season of close, of enjoyment, there’s lots of laughter, collaborations with other actors. Integrates Valentina, the drag queen, for me it is the most famous in the world. In order to… the people who have
enjoyed the world of the house of The flowers you are going to enjoy even more,” talk Manolo Caro to CLASS.

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In this next season “The house of flowers“which will be released on April 23 by Netflixwe’ll see how were the characters of young people. It is for this reason that to this were integrated Ximena Sariñana, Rebecca Jones, Christian Chávez and Isabel Burr to give life to those Of the Mora, and their friends of youth. Also read: Veronica Castro reveals possible reason for his departure from the house of The flowers; Manolo Caro gives his version

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“You can see what happens with the characters in the seventies, how did you meet Ernesto and Virginia, as well as Carmelita, how was the pregnancy that led to Paulina de la Mora. Then you had to have a cast that have physical similarities. The series has not come out, but I think we did very well because they do not know the amount of people and media messages that have told us what igualitos they are. We are very excited because we feel that they are going to fall in love with them because they already know the character, since it is only put a face younger,” he explains.

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For Manolo Caro, who is originally from Guadalajara and studied architecture at the Technological Institute and of Studies Superiors of Monterrey, it was extremely fun to work with this new cast that he injected energy to the cast of the two seasons.

“It was fun because we had three years working with the same cast and just decided to do this in the 70s the last few weeks of the filming of the third. This is when all the team is tired because there are already many months, and suddenly, in comes a cast new, with a lot of energy and with a proposal. It was like a shot of vitamins for everyone and that I will thank eternally. Were incredible and were integrated so well to a project that has two seasons, and it is difficult. They took his computer and threw him forward. Of
suddenly falling down to visit the cast above to see how was the work dynamic. Then I am very happy with them”, shares with us the director.

In addition, this young filmmaker is a workaholic and this year’s reveals to us that we also released another series for Netflix: “Someone has to die”. This was recorded in Spain and it is the first time that a production totally dramatic and that also will be released in a format that is between a television series and a film, with three chapters of one hour each.

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“I had a great fortune. I look back, I see all the projects, some more successful than others, or more learning, and I am very proud of. While you have the energy and support to continue to make my dreams what I will continue doing,” he concluded Manolo Caro.

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