Miley Cyrus was once a victim of robbery three times in two years


A little more than 10 years, a gang of teenagers robbed the homes of the rich and famous of Hollywood. It is called “The Bling Ring” and, although they were caught, their story has not prevented people from robbing the houses of celebrities.

This was what happened to Miley Cyrus, but her case was a little different. The house of Cyrus, in 2013, was stolen three times in the span of two years. Here is a look at the losing streak of Miley Cyrus.

The three thefts from the home of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus | Mike Coppola / FilmMagic

According to NY Daily News, the home of Cyrus was robbed for the first time in 2013. Little is known about this case, as it unfortunately remains unresolved. However, what is known is that Cyrus lost about $ 100,000 in personal items and jewelry, but fortunately, Cyrus was not home at the time of the theft. Instead, she was out on tour. This will become a recurring theme.

In may 2014, the NY Daily News says that a couple broke into the house of Cyrus, and also stole jewelry. However, unlike the first robbery, the pair also stole the new Maserati Quattroporte Cyrus. The Quattroporte was not only a luxury automobile expensive, but was also one of the cars fastest in the market at that time.

It is not known how much money was worth Quattroporte Cyrus, but is estimated to be worth around $ 120,000. However, once more, Cyrus fortunately was not at home at the time, because I was on tour. In addition, the thieves were caught and went to jail.

Then, in December of 2014, the NY Daily News says that the house of Cyrus was raided again. The thief once again stole a lot of jewelry and personal items, and once again, Cyrus was not at home at that time. And fortunately, justice was done when the thief was caught and also went to jail.

Maserati missing from Miley Cyrus

Although a car of $ 120,000 may not be as impressive in the world of luxury cars and exotic, Cyrus had a bit of luck with his choice of cars. As he told USA Today, it was not really difficult to find the Maserati lost of Cyrus, because very few Quattroportes are on the roads in the united States. USA Today says that 755 of them had been sold in the united States at that time.

The Quattroporte 2014, owned by Cyrus, has a V6 turbocharged 3.0-liter that produces 404 hp and could reach 176 MPH. These were impressive stats for the time, and when you took into account the rarity of the Quattroporte, the police found it easy to locate the car.

As expected, the police finally found Cyrus disappeared from Maserati, according to The L. A. Times. While the police says nothing about their methods, it would not be surprising that the DNA and fingerprints in the Maserati help to solve the case.

Miley Cyrus is more secure now

For some reason, the house of Cyrus seems to be more secure from thieves today. Cyrus has not spoken about updates or security changes, and you should not do this. The last thing you need to do is to tell potential thieves about the security systems you have in place, because that makes it easier for them to steal.

But even so, whatever you have done, whether intentional or not, it has been running. The thefts have been stopped, so that anyone can see. Cyrus definitely had security before this, and it’s not really surprising that she-or, indeed, any pop star, you had to improve your security.

Cyrus has been the victim of many bullies, and fortunately, these bullies have been arrested before things got too serious. Of course, the crime and justice are in a tug-of-war constant. It is possible that their future thieves are only waiting till they make a wrong move. But time will tell.