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The 2 of April, through your channel on YouTube, the canadian singer Drake released the video for her new single ‘Tootsie slide’. In the clip, the rapper makes a tour of every corner of their mansion in Toronto (Canada), where it remains during the confinement.

The land, which was purchased in 2015 at a cost of 6.7 million dollars, is located in the exclusive residential area of Bridle Path, in the city of Toronto, Canada.

In accordance with the average american ‘GQ‘, the property has 35,000 square feet, is named ‘The Embassy’ and is valued at more than $ 150 million.

To design the interior, Drake hired the canadian architect Ferris Rafauli, who, following the instructions of the own rapper, used limestone, marble, bronze and wood from different parts of the world in order to complete the design and construction of the residence.

The luxurious mansion was on the cover of us magazine ‘Architectural Digest’ this month. In the article devoted to the artist, Drake, said that “as the built in my hometown, I wanted to make the structure standing for 100 years. I wanted to have a scale and feeling monumental. It will be one of the things that you leave behind me, so it had to be something solid and timeless”.

The mansion has amenities such as: a basketball court, regulations of the NBA, a dressing room, two floors and a bedroom which occupies 975 square feet.

Likewise, the room has an old mirror, a bar stocked whisky añejo and ‘champagne’ on the reverse side, bedside tables with inlaid mother of pearl and linen with a tapestry of hummingbirds stamp of fashion Alexander Mcqueen.

In addition, the property includes a recording studio, indoor swimming pool, air, a grand piano, Bösendorfer designed by Rafauli and the famous japanese artist Takashi Murakami and to a toilet that plays relaxing music at the time of entry.

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Similarly, the singer shared through your profile on Instagram images of your home. This sparked different reactions on the part of his followers, who compare it to a hotel or a shopping center.

In the last issue of the Billboard Hot 100, the singles sold over EE. UU., the new single of Drake, ‘Tootsie slide’, debuted on the top. Thus a record with the most number of débuts number 1 in the list, only comparable to that of the artist Mariah Carey.