PHOTOS | Suzy Cortez modeled his entire rear with a bodysuit black


The renowned actress Sara Corrales got up passions from your account at Instagram to publish a sensual photo in which it could be seen with a bikini and coming out of the swimming pool of her beautiful house, which has Mexico. In the instant dominates her voluptuous rear, attribute by which most of his fans delight, in addition to his beautiful eyes.

“I am a woman with determination! Do I want something? I’m going for it!!! I don’t expect for me to bring you or me to fall from the sky. As simple as that. And you? (Applicable to todosss aspects of life) Happy night. Rests”was the blunt message that Sara Corrales he accompanied the photo.

In addition, gave an interview to the recognized program AutoStar, which showed the beautiful house that you have in Mexico to detail. Definitely, Sara Corrales always walk leaving to see just how it is inside and out, no-holds-barred.

Here I leave the video of the house of Sara if you want to take a look.