‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ could be a reality very soon, according to an actor of the saga | News


Notice to boaters: the actor Lee Arenberg holds that Disney prepares already the sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. Although they still have not revealed enough data to be able to confirm the details of the production, all indicate that the company will deploy in brief your production team to implement the project.

As far as I know, they are talking about it. Definitely“he said in an interview with Kendall Talks TV. Arenberg played the pirate Pintel in the first three parts of the saga, although it did not count with him for the fourth or the fifth. “Of course“he says, when asked if she would like to re-interpret the character.

Disney has not confirmed or denied the news. The question that we all ask is what will happen if you really give green light to Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Will the plot the story of Davy Jones (Bill Nighy), which ended The revenge of Salazar? Will it return Johnny Depp the role of Jack Sparrow?

On this second paragraph, we have serious doubts, since in 2017 Disney hired two writers –who then abandoned the project– to write a continuation of the series without the character of Depp. We don’t know if it was a remake or a reboot, but since then the factory was without its star, the main attraction of the box office.

She did everything to disassociate itself from the allegations of abuse made by Amber Heard, former spouse of the artist, who complained that he had abused physically on several occasions. Having an actor in the spotlight of the media and the judiciary (more after the move #MeToo) is not a good strategy marketing.

However, the recent information published about the case suggest that Heard could have manipulated and even invented evidence against Depp (I have here). Confirmation of the absolution of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney could call him again to star in the saga.

Pirates Caribbean it is a franchise of action more popular in recent times. Started in 2003 with The curse of the Black Pearl, where Depp protagonizaba next to Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom, and followed up with The dead man’s chest (2006) and At the end of the world (2007).

A couple of years later he tried to revitalize the franchise with the mediocre On stranger tides (2011) and The revenge of Salazar (2017), which was included in the delivery Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, respectively, and are dispensed by Bloom and Knightley.