Projected Lionsgate four of his most famous movies-for Free!


The canadian company announced that in order to show solidarity with the public during this period of receipt; in the next few weekends will publish four of their productions most important and recognized of free.

John Wick will be the film with the end of the cycle of Lionsgate.
Photo: Special.

This cycle of projections by Lionsgate goes by the name “A movie night” and the broadcasts will begin this Friday, April 17, with “The hunger games” starring Jennifer Lawrence, whose story unfolds in a setting post-apocalyptic.

Friday, April 24, the tape that will be available will be “Dirty Dancing”, starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. The film is considered a classic of the 80’s and came to Mexico with the title of “Hot Dance”. Among the awards that the movie directed by Emile Ardolin won, highlights the Oscar Award in the category of Best Original Song with the theme “The time of my life”.

The cycle will continue with “The land” that will be available the first of may. Directed by Damien Chazellethe musical earned 14 nominations in the Oscar awards in 2017.

On the 8th of may, “John Wick” it will be the film that put an end to this cycle special Lionsgate. The tape starring Keanu Reeves he obtained good results both at the box office as with the critics of cinemas, and this led her to become a trilogy. In addition, the performance of Keanu Reeves it is considered as one of the best in his career.

Transmissions “A night of movies” will be done through stream live on the page of Lionsgate . It should be noted that all the films will be aired at eight in the evening.



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