Quibi, a new platform for watching movies and short series in the cell


In times of quarantine world, the proposal of Quibi is very attractive, and comes to compete with the big market as Netflix and Amazon.

It is a new streaming platform with series and movies up to 10 minutes in length designed for cellular phones, and are made by most tellers and interpreters of Hollywood directors.

Quibi, acronym of “quick bites” (snacks fast), was founded and is headed by industry veteran Jeffrey Katzenberg, chairman of Disney for ten years and founder of the studios of DreamWorks Animation.

The platform has 51 original productions ready to view on-demand and other 120 in different phases of production to premiere in the first year only.

The level of initial investment raised (1.750 billion dollars), the value of production ($6 million per hour of film) and the figures of the industry who work artistically with the platform give an indication of that Quibi this is not a project as marginal, but one of the big bets of the future.

Quibi provides these days is the possibility to download the application and view its contents for 90 days free of charge.


The contents include movies into chapters of between seven and ten minutes (equivalent to a web series), series, documentaries or entertainment, and news programs of between five and six minutes.

Among the series promoted of Quibi listed Most Dangerous Gamestarring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz, about a businessman in bankruptcy that agree to participate in a human hunt. It is also Survive, where the actress Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark in “Game of Thrones” ) plays a young woman who suffers serious disruption after a family tragedy. And another bet is interesting The Fugitivea recycled version of the series of the same name by the decade of the 60’s and the movie in 1993 with Harrison Ford. Here the role of the police is in the hands of Kiefer Sutherland.

In the category of reality shows are Elba vs. Blocka series of eight episodes where the popular Idris Elba faces a professional racer, rally, Ken Block. And Jennifer Lopez produced Thanks a Million, a program where different celebrities give away $ 100,000 to people unknown who have generated an impact on their lives.

Source: The Capital.com.ar