Quibi: Anna Kendrick is a friend of a grimace sexual feminist in Dummy


Imagine that your partner has a grimace of sexual. That’s easy, isn’t it? Now comes the challenge: imagine that grin of sexual speech and that, moreover, is a feminist. That is the premise of Dummy, the comedy that stars Anna Kendrick (Giving the note) for Quibiplatform , mobile streaming debut this month of April. The series est expected to arrive to the small screens the next April 20and this is your trailer:

Dummyto horse between the comedy and the terror

The aspiring writer Cody (Kendrick) located in the bed of his partner (Donal Logue), a spangle. However, this accessory does not belong to a woman: but to a grimace of sexual that hides in the closet. A grin that, besides, speaks, and is based on a strong ideologa a feminist. “We are all faces sex until they break the patriarchy”we can hear her say.

As is normal, our protagonist need to go to therapy. The specialist – they will withdraw the title – it says to Cody that you need to accept to grimace sexual to be able to accept herself. As for Cody and the grimace emprendern a road trip the less peculiar, where both characters buscarn be themselves and to grow personally. Or something as.

“”A grimace sexual lover of fun and her friend human facing the world together, that will be a story amazing”

Created and written by Cody HellerCody has been inspired in your own personal life to give life to this program. There is that pointing out that Heller is the partner of Dan Harmon, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. What decidmos because, quiz, this detail to explain things. Kendrick and Heller are, in turn, executive producers of the series along with Thrace Brock, which also serves as a director.

“A grimace of sexual lover of fun and her friend human facing the world together, that will be a story amazing”we can hear the grin say in the trailer. We will have to find out the next April 20 at Quibi.

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