Rihanna bought him a respirator to his father to help him fight against the coronavirus



The singer Rihanna has always maintained a relationship very complicated with her father Ronald Fenty since the divorce of her mother when she was just a teenager. The memories of the artist of that time are associated with the addiction problems of his father, and to the episodes of domestic violence that he witnessed in his home.

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t worry about him, and in the last few days have been especially aware of Ron after that would test positive for coronavirus.

“Got in contact with me daily to make sure he was ok. The truth is that I thought I was going to die,” he confessed Ronald in statements to the newspaper The Sun.

The pop star resorted even to your contacts to buy him a respirator, in the end I came to need, and let them get to Barbados, where he was recovering from illness in your own home.

Such nice detail and the fact that his famous daughter to bother to give you “everything you could want” while he was convalescing with a high fever has gotten conmoverle.

“I have to say: I love You very much, Robyn. Has done so much for me and I appreciate it from the heart,” he added.

Fortunately Ron has recovered without complications and has now asked all his countrymen who are to be taken seriously by the pandemic are living and avoid leaving their homes as far as possible to avoid further contagions.