Scarlett Johansson, the guilty of a discord in the past between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman


The ‘celebrities’ are being used to fund in these weeks, rescuing the stories of the past in their interviews, in order to maintain our interest and attention awake, and at the same time entertain us with funny stories that make us forget, even for a few minutes, the reality that is lived in the streets. A sample of this we have in the recent statements of Hugh Jackman on the website ‘The Daily Beast’.

For years, we have been able to see a crash, who have not hidden to the public, between the man who gave life to Wolverine in the tapes of Marvel and other great star as Ryan Reynols. An ‘enmity’ sympathetic, dates back to many years ago, that the own Jackman it was hard work to find the source for that connection from the living room of his home, in a video.

But, finally, I recognized that the fault was of Scarlett Johansson, with whom Reynolds was married between 2008 and 2011. Just when the couple had begun, Ryann and Hugh agreed in the filming of ‘Wolverine’. It was there where they started the jokes gave way to a ball, that have not known how to stop.

“I met him in ‘Wolverine, and I used to poke, because I was a good friend of Scarlett, and had just married. So when it came to the ‘set’ I said, very seriously: ‘Hey, it’s better that you act like it is because, my friend, because I’m watching“explained Jackman. A way to talk to each other that it became a custom to hold today. A tone that, at times, may have been given to understand that among them there was a bad roll. But it is not. This is just a code between them for a joke.