Selena Gomez vs Hailey Baldwin, the war in the face of the natural: who do you prefer?


Without a doubt, be locked up for several weeks at home means to do without several things that we had in our daily routine. For example, the model Hailey Baldwin and singer Selena Gomez have been shown desmaquilladas, but who looks best?

Be at home for several weeks has changed the routine of several celebrities: those who saw it with a dress or a suit and tie, now we see them in pajamas and slippers.

For example, the model Hailey Baldwin, wife of the pop artist Justin Bieber, shared a few selfies where the make up disappeared and relució your skin bright, silky and natural.

“I have been diving so deeply in the care of the skin and all the different ways that I can improve my skin during this quarantine. By how it is affected from the inside out (what I eat and drink) and what I use to protect it and nourish it on the outside. trying to keep that glow from the inside out”

But it is not the only one: the singer Selena Gomez, ex-partner of Justin Bieber, has also been modeled on other occasions to their social networks, showing how it his face without make-up. Surprised its fans and for good!

Who will win this new battle created by the followers of both? What I like most?