Servando Carrasco, husband of Alex Morgan, you are unemployed


The midfielder american, Servando Carrasco, who was born in California but spent much of his childhood in Tijuana, Mexico, is found from November 2019 without team. The player of 31 years was not taken in account by the THE Galaxyteam where you are fighting the aztecs, Jonathan Dos Santos and Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez.

Alex Morgan, wife of Carrasco and star of the Selection of united States Women’shas given what to talk about because you are pregnant and already with almost all nine months of pregnancy old continues to train and showing their practices on social networks together with your partner.

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For this reason it has become to the fore Carrasco, who throughout his career has been in the Major League Soccer, beginning in 2011 with the Seattle Sounderssubsequently militating in the Houston Dynamopassing by the Orlando City, with the team that had more regular basis, until you arrive in 2017 at THE Galaxy.

After 41 matches until 2019, the angels announced that Carrasco was not included into plans of the technical argentine, Guillermo Barros Schelottoso that was left out of the team and has not found another club.

Carrasco, a midfielder of containment, is without computer at the moment and waiting for a new opportunity. While his wife, Alex Morgan, put pause in his career to be able to concentrate on your pregnancy, but it is part of the Orlando Pride within the The National Women’s Soccer League.

Without a doubt, Carrasco will be anxious to start a new adventure in the field once you have finished the break which we live, Morgan has given birth and hoping that in the summer a contract to appear with a club, of the united States or abroad, as they are already six months without activity.