Shakira surprises with photo unpublished from his childhood and his fans burst with excitement


Shakira, singer and songwriter from Colombia in topics such as Eyes as well and Flies in the house always gives to talk about among fans and now it is precisely that causes the networks to explode after getting published an unusual image of yours that corresponds to your childhood.

Are their fans that they put on Instagram and she appears Shakira, girl; the funny thing is that it also circulates a tender image of their child Milan, and draws attention because it is identical to it at that stage.

Milan is identical to Shakira, comment excited the followers of the famous colombian singer and as evidenced by the photo above.

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Anyone would think they are twin brothers, but it is mother and son, taken when they were both practically the same age.

Shakira met Gerard Pique in the World Cup south Africa 2010 and currently both are the parents of two children, Milan and Sasha Piqué Mebarak.

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