Shawn Mendes is asking its fans which don’t fall into the “frustration” during the isolation


The canadian singer Shawn Mendes wanted to remind all his followers, through an article published in Time magazine, that these times of pandemic and boundaries of the home are very tough for all in the margin of the gravity of the situation they go through each one, in which, of course, attend a variety of factors.

That explains, in your judgment, the need to be especially vigilant and considerate of others at this juncture unusual for many, especially with the most vulnerable groups, but also to be kind and gentle with yourself for not having to endure more pressure and “frustration” of the strictly essential.

As is clear from his revealing reflection, the boyfriend of Camila Cabello considers that it must afford and to deal with naturally those inevitable moments of weakness that make often the day-to-day, as well as to speak openly of the unease and uncertainty that pervades the world. This is a crucial step to be able to process those feelings and cope with them better.

“To recognize these feelings and be able to verbalizarlos helps me process them better and move forward. I try to be kind and compassionate with myself. It is okay to spend all day watching movies if that is what you called the heart. In my case, sometimes I have spent long hours watching ‘Friends’ or movies of ‘Harry Potter’,” he explained the music star.

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