– Sheer hypocrisy! Demi Lovato said that no longer is a friend of Selena Gomez I changed it to Justin!


In times past, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez had a friendship most iconic within and outside of the screens.

They both started on Disney simultaneously, and as they grow they forged a relationship enviable that newly the ex Wilmer Valderrama assured that does not already exist.

The rumours started some months ago, since Demi he has been very close to Justin Bieber, the ex-boyfriend who was her supposed best friend.

Although none had come to talk about it, the the protagonist of ‘Sunny with a chance’ revealed that she and Selena have lost contact, and what he said after it caused quite a stir!

According to the brunette, never really considered as a true friend, although he admitted to have great appreciation. Does it not support?

“When you grow up with someone, you’re always going to love him, but we are not friends. I will always have love for her and wish all of you nothing but the best,” said the interpreter of ‘Anyone’ to Harper’s Bazaar.

In contrast, Demi Lovato he has made it clear that among their friends more close are Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. ¡Selena left her outside!