She’s back! Kanye West returns to rap… But in a very peculiar way!


Since joining the christianity to the end of last year, Kanye West has decided to give him a total paradigm shift to the life you had previously.

Through social networks, the rapper american has demonstrated the importance that religion has in their family, those who support issues of faith.

In previous statements, Kanye he commented that not only you want to wash away their “sins” but also has helped his wife Kim Kardashian with his own. Wow!

Now, in an interview for GQ, the artist of 42 years has revealed that you want to go back to his roots of music, but this time with the intention of devoting their issues to God.

Apparently the idea came after a pastor of his church to give her to know that her son “would want a rap album about Jesus.”

“I was thinking not to go back to rapping, because rapeé so much by the devil that didn’t even know how to rap for God”, confessed the interpreter of ‘Famous’.

Throughout his artistic career, Kanye West he has been recognized for his controversial hits and also for his penchant for alcohol. But he is willing to change!