Six advanced postures of yoga that we can practice with Miley Cyrus on Instagram


Although Miley Cyrus is of constitution thin by nature, the artist style that body you love to teach with crop tops and knitwear mini with a training routine that includes cycling, running to the side of your pet, and dancing. Thanks to Mari Winsor, who has been the personal coach of Cyrus, we know that trains six times a week for an hour. Although the key figure is, above all, in the exercises of Pilates and yoga. More specifically, the mode Ashtangathat requires a higher concentration for their physical demand.

The american actress and singer has spent years practicing this activity and has reached a level so vanzado that it has even dared, in some other occasion, to show us how are some of the postures, or asanas in your account of Instagram. Yes, they are not suitable for beginners.


shoulder pressing

Its name means the posture of the shoulders, oppressed, because the legs are closed around the arms to raise the trunk. With it are strengthened the groin, the arms and wrists and tones the abdomen. In addition, it improves the balance. The secret reside in to bring the center of gravity to the hands, so that the weight will hang on the bones more than the muscles.

It is not necessary to have much strength to begin to practice this posture. It requires, above all, balance though beginners can start without raising the feet off the ground. In this way, the dolls are preparing progressively before adding balance to the exercise.


Miley Cyrus7 To 1

Karnapidasana, or the posture of the deaf is an asana that relaxes the area of the back, shoulders and neck because the stretched heavily. The weight of the lower part of the body exerts pressure on the bust that is in the maximum flexion and maintain it for several minutes without effort to feel the benefits.

It is also important to the body weight does not rest on the neck. For this reason it is recommended to practice this pose with a folded blanket under the shoulders, as well as along the collar to soften the compression of the upper part of the body on the floor.


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Also known as posture of the rooster due to the shape taken by the body, which resembles that of this bird. It is a position comparatively advanced and complicated which requires strength in the arms to practice and master this asana. Strengthens the wrists, arms and abdomen.

To practice Kukkutasana not only need to strength in the abdomen, chest and thighs, as well as flexibility, but also requires a lot of will. It is advisable to take a specific point of reference while you practice and try to keep the spine as upright as possible. You also should force the passage of the arms between the thighs and the legs if you can’t we do it first.

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Kurmasana, or the pose of the turtle, stretches and tones the muscles of the spine and hamstrings. It receives its name from resembling a turtle that withdraws into its shell when threatened. It is an asana advanced so you will need time to be able to do it properly.

Once in the posture, if it makes it difficult to keep the heels on the ground, we can place pillows or blankets, folding under the legs. It is good to relax the neck, head and shoulders, in addition to improving posture, and neck pains. It also helps to breathe well and helps to increase the flexibility and the body is toned.

Supta Kurmasana

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This pose is a variant more advanced Kurmasana and consists in grasping the arms behind the back and join the palms of the hands. The legs have to be above of the arms and the head. In the same way, there are that keep them crossed one over the other.


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This posture stretches the spine and the shoulders, but also works hamstrings, abdomen, hips, and groin. Is dedicated to the sage Marichi, son of Brahma, the creator of the universe, and grandfather, grandchild of the sun god Surya, the giver of life in hindu mythology.

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Photo | Instagram of Miley Cyrus.