Skip the quarantine and it is not known where he is, David Guetta it has been a mess!


Both have been used hashtag #YoMeQuedoEnCasa some famous already, or they listen to it, or if they do, you think that not going with them. David Guetta it is the latter that has ignored the warning, it has jumped the quarantine and has gone to a place of which nothing is known.

The DJ and producer French announced that on the next day 18 of this month would give a concert in Miami with the intention of raise funds for four charities different that is in charge of the fight against the coronavirus.

Given the fashion of the concerts in streaming the style of Elton John or Lady Gagait was thought that Guetta you would use the same means for their initiativebut apparently it has not been.

The DJ has jumped the quarantine and is of unknown whereabouts, in a location that nobody knows about and from which they are retrasmitirá the concert, the idea is to avoid to go to any citizen of Miami to the show and that you continue to respect the quarantine.

David has not ventured alone on this project, with the support of the ‘Miami Downtown Development Authority’ who is in charge of regulating the financial activities of the city, and that thanks to your help has contributed to this show, you can make it a reality.

To coincide with the date chosen by Guetta will take place the first concert ‘on-line’ that will be held in the quarantine, the ‘One World: Together At Home’, hosted by Lady Gaga, and that will gather artists of the stature of Chris Martin, David Beckham, John Legend, Lizzo or Billie Eilish.

The getaway Guetta is justified and controlled, just hoped that all of the shtick that has mounted to raise funds worth.