So would Chris Hemsworth, if it was Superman INCREDIBLE!


Chris Hemsworth is the latest actor who has tested the suit Superman used by Henry Cavill in the latest movie of the superhero thanks to the work of the fans.

So would Chris Hemsworth, if it was Superman INCREDIBLE!

Chris Hemsworth “porta” the costume of Superman Henry Cavill

With the rumors of the possible departure of Henry Cavill the Universe-Extended DCfans have searched for the ideal replacement to use the suit Superman and the experience of Chris Hemsworth as Thor what has become a strong candidate.

Via Twitter, user @Apexform1 shared the image of Chris Hemsworth in the costume of Superman in a edited image digitally by itself, although not with the quality that fans expect.

The picture shows Chris Hemsworth with her well-known blonde tresses, although with the short hair instead of his iconic look as Thor, and the version of the costume of Superman that used Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel” and sequels: “Batman vs Superman: the Origin of the Justice” and “Justice League”.

Actors wear the costume of Superman

Chris Hemsworth is not the only actor who has “used” the costume of Superman for Henry Cavill, since, thanks to the magic of editing programs such as Photoshop, fans of the iconic superhero will have tested the suit to more of a star.

In addition to Chris Hemsworth, the legendary Christopher Reeves – who died in October 2004 -was also able to wear again the costume of Superman, this time a version of “Man of Steel”.

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The image of Christopher Reeves surpassed in quality the picture of Chris Hemsworth and surprised the fans of Superman by the realism of the photo as well as the impressive presence of the deceased actor as the Man of Steel in its more modern version, although it was to be expected of the responsible for the greater success in cinemas of the superhero.