SuperM is to perform in the same concert that Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift


SuperM Lady Gaga Taylor SwiftSuperM is to perform in the same concert that Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

It has been revealed that SuperM will act in concert online ONE WORLD TOGETHER AT HOME that will take place on the 18th of April. Next to them will act artists as prominent as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift.

SuperM performing with Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift at the same concert

Take a look at the comments of fans on SuperM below:


Why SM is promoting SuperM? … I think fans of western K-pop don’t even know who he is SuperM

Why are you cursing? They are promoting K-Pop and Korea and are not harmful to the world.

It seems that the guardians of Western Billboard were really angry …

Superm is being promoted because they were created as a joint venture by SM and the u.s. seal Capitol Records. They are listed as one of the artists of Capitol Records. The label of Lady Gaga Interscope and Capitol Records are under UMG.

Stop lying, they are not famous outside of the bubble kpop
the artists that are internationally famous can be traced in all parts, and obtain certifications of gold or platinum at the same time, and the album SuperM was only in the united States for a short time, the song failed in the united States.

Stop being a silly delulu. Made packages, were paid to appear in television programs in the united States. Did sajaegi physical. The only achievement of this garbage nugu is to make the shortfall of net earnings to be $ 14 million in 2019.

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