Tatiana vs Ariana Grande: who sings better the theme of Disney’s “I will Not speak of my love”


Ariana Grande became a trend on social networks thanks to his interpretation of a classic in the history of Disney. The american singer launched a version of “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)”played by the character of Megara in the movie “Hercules”.

Through the social networks met the challenge, “Disney Family Sing Along”, in which next to other singers like Demi Lovato, Beyonce or Vanessa Hudgens interpreted the biggest hits of the company’s entertainment, film and animation largest in the history.

Ariana, in addition to singing, he stepped into the role of Megara with a outfit and makeup to the style of the “damsel in danger”. Did the same with each one of the muses that during the tape they interpret the choirs in the topic.

“Hercules” saw the light in 1997, when Susan Egan, singer and actress, did the voice to Megara, including the chair that gave of their talent to sing “I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)”, when the co-protagonist tries to hide his love for the “fortachón”. The piece was also performed by singer Belinda Carlisle, who made the promotion of the tape in countries such as France or Germany.

However, against all odds, the song of Ariana started a debate with the mexican public that immediately put to use in trends to the performer of music for children, Tatiana.

Do you have any connection in particular? Until today there was nothing in the log, but it turns out that Tatiana Palacios Chapa“the queen of children”, was the voice in Spanish america from Megara and delighted us the ear to the rhythm of “I will Not speak of my love” (as titled in Spanish).

Tatiana was 27 years old when he made the character, only a year older than Ariana in these times. Before already had a huge tour in the musicbut this dub gave a boost to the world international, as he shared credits with the real Ricky Martin.

With the two versions on the table, fans of the tape in Mexico, not been able to resist the urge to pull all your love in defense of Tatiana, who it was placed above the american in voice, interpretation, in feeling and charisma.

These were some of the tweets that could be read and that put Tatiana in the first three places of the trends during the whole night:

Tatiana came to have other units within the world of the dubbing of voices. His most recent participation was for the film “Night School” where did the voice of Carrie, played by Tiffany Haddish.

In the animated world, in addition to Megara in 1997, joined the project of “Sammy the secret passage 2010”, where he played the voice of Shelly.

In addition, he met up with his character of “Hercules” a year after the debut, thanks to the enormous fame of the project decided to launch an animated series in 1998, which ended in 1999.