Taylor Diaz looks to Veracruz as the paradise of the urban music


For the singer Taylor Diazthe state of Veracruz it is rich in influences of cuban and Latin american, so that it looks like the place ideal for the flow of natural way and you can put the name of Mexico high in the genre of urban.

In all the places it sounds sauce and dozens of urban sounds, is a cultural beauty that enriches us and now we want to expose it to the worldsaid the young performer.

Taylor Diaz was surprised to collaborate with two artists that I admired

Since its isolation in the home of his parents in Xalapathe interpreter of Kissing presented a remix of the theme, where it counts with the collaboration of Ovy on the Drumsproducer Karol G and Sharlenetwo artists that he admires for a long time.

Never thought I’d collaborate with Ovy, but he heard the topic and liked it, in fact I was very surprised when they told me that they would take part in the remix. After I looked at Sharlene, because his voice I love it and knew it was the perfect combination, he explained.

Taylor Diaz, Sharlene and Ovy on the Drums. Photo: Special.

Meditate in quarantine

Taylor Diaz take advantage of these days of isolation to compose, do exercise, meditate and reflect about everything that has happened in your life. As well as to heal things in their familiar environment.

One has the possibility to choose which things are tragic, or take advantage of them. Then this is an opportunity to enjoy with the family. Between the meditation and respect to my parents and brothers and sisters, things flow.

By: Patricia Villanueva Valdez