The 10 exercises preferred of Jennifer Lopez to get the flat belly


Jennifer Lopez has always known how to stay up to become one of the bodies most envied in Hollywood, 50 years. The actress has always confirmed that the sport is very present in their daily lives, ensuring going to the gym every day before ten in the morning, and accompanied, of course, of a balanced diet. For that reason, that your personal trainer has shared one of the best-kept secrets is a very good news to start the day: the routine abdominal.

Gunar Peterson, trainer of celebrities such as Chris Hemsworth has confessed to the american edition of Women’s Health, what are the 10 ejercicicios ABS more effective to get that flat stomach of Jennifer Lopez without the need to leave the house. The only thing you need is a mat, and eager to get it. It is a routine of 20 minutes in which you get to tone up that area, and that you will have to repeat two to three times a week.

We will show you what are these ten exercises are perfect to the core. You’ll have to do ten repetitions of each of the way straight away, rest for a few minutes, and take another lap.

1. Abdominal bicycle:

Lying on the ground face up, as if a bike is involved, you start to bend your legs, touching your right knee with the left elbow, and vice versa.

2. Side plank with elevated hip:

With the weight towards one side, in pushup position on the forearm, lift the hip to create a straight angle. Repeat this movement.

3. Abdominal inverted leg:

Lying on the ground, face up and with the arms close to the body, lift both legs at once and lower without touching the ground.

4. Turns russians or rotations:

Consists in make rotations of the bust from a seated position, feet apart

5. Woodcutter:

From above, as if you were slicing it through the air, put your legs open and slightly bent, and arms together, move them from the top of the head to the chest.

6. Spread:

From the same position, begin to combine the arms and legs, lifting an arm and the opposite leg until alienarlos in a horizontal.

7. Side plank:

Lie on one side in the plate, to raise the hips and form a straight line between your ankles, hips and shoulders. Once in that position, lift the arm up, and hold. Repeat this exercise with the other side.

8. Isometric exercise body weight:

Sitting, with arms extended toward your head, and the body slightly bent, keep your feet and arms raised, forming a V with the body and holding for about 30 seconds.

9. Iron with a touch of the hands and feet:

From the pushup position, try to touch the foot with the opposite hand, then returning to full extension.

10. Iron with a touch on the shoulder:

From irons, with the hands resting on the floor, tapping with the right hand on the shoulder left, and vice versa. It is important not to move from the initial position while doing this exercise.