The actor Disney Orlando Brown reveals shocking allegations of sexual about Michael Jackson and Will Smith (+VIDEO)


Orlando Brown is the protagonist of another accusation shocking. The star of “That’s So Raven,” has revealed in a new video Michael Jackson and Will Smith assaulted sexually when he was a child.

In a strange video of the Wednesday, April 15, Brown complained incoherently about numerous things and starts talking about Will Smith before you make a tirade and claim that he was “harassed” and violated by the “King of Pop”.

“All this… all this Will Smith mi3rda. I can not make a boom from Michael Jackson, do you understand me? Do not think in Michael Jackson’s brother and “you lured Me, brother. Jackson, brother and I, lured me, a brother to all. That’s not cheated on me, brother”. Says Orlando.

“Nigga, raped me when I was a child. You m4ldit4 P3rr4. Raped Me when I was a child and violated all of my kids, nigga”. Still you try to escape with the put4 mi3rda”. He continued claiming the former child actor.

“Every time I see you I want to cut your neck, the son of put4. You really have to understand what the Bible says brother. The Bible says that your mother and father your days are long. I would have killed for that p3rr4. I will never upload to the damn television program and to act as if I were the rapist fucking”, he said.

At some point in the video, he said that his real name was Trentapparently alluding that he is the eldest son of Will: “I’m Trey. I am your long lost son time”and screams and then changes its name and says that it is Trent.

Later, he claimed that he was the true Blanket Jackson that was abandoned and then raped: “You’ve been abandoning your child for years, nigga. I Am Trey. You all know who is Trey”says.

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It is not surprising that the actor and rapper has been under the influence of drugs while filming the video, since it has a history that Orlando he had been battling drug addiction for years.

In 2018, was admitted to rehab after an intervention from family and friends, but only stayed for a week in the facility before returning to the street.

In recent years, made some assertions outrageous, including a statement that Nick Cannon he performed oral sex.

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