The Angelina Jolie iranian goes through its worst moment: in the prison, and with coronavirus


Human Rights organizations reported that Fatemeh Khishvand, more commonly known as “the Angelina Jolie iranian” he contracted the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 that causes the disease, COVID-19 and asked to continue his sentence in his home to avoid dying in prison. Under the pseudonym Sahar Tabar, Khishvand became world famous in Instagram by having traits very similar to the american actress of 44 years. The young woman is currently on a respirator in the Hospital Sina in Tehran after you get the bad infectious under state custody.

Khishvand she was arrested last October on charges of committing “blasphemy” in their social networks. The influencer iranian 22 year attained worldwide fame by the end of 2017 for its multi-touch face, which had changed drastically in their appearance. Then, the british The Sun assured that “Tabar” had undergone more than 50 surgeries to look like physically to Jolie.

The court’s guidance Tehran, which deals with “crimes and cultural cases of moral corruption and social” he executed, the instance in charge of to make the arrest. In particular, Tabar was accused of incite violence; induce young people to bribe; breach of the dress code national; to commit blasphemy and to obtain income by improper means. This Friday, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (J., for its acronym in English) reported that in addition to the arbitrary detention, the model was infected by the COVID-19.

It seems to us unacceptable that this young woman had contracted the coronavirus in these circumstances, while his detention order has been extended during all this time in jail”, said Wednesday the human rights lawyer Payam Derafshan. The woman faces years in prison for using his personal account of Instagram free of charge and has been accused of “corruption in the land”, “incitement to corruption by encouraging young people to participate in the madness”, “insult to what is sacred” and “acquire illicit revenue”.

The judge Mohammad Moghiseh of Section 28 of the Court’s Revolutionary has repeatedly rejected requests to release Khishvand bail, despite the fact that other prisoners of conscience have been freed temporarily from the outbreak COVID-19 the country, he said Derafshan. “We went to the office of Moghiseh many times and asked to cancel the arrest warrant and grant bail. All the other defendants in this case have been released and our client is the only one that has been stopped… But the judge said no”.

When the Chief Judiciary Ebrahim Raisi issued a release order for the suspects before the iranian new year on march 20, we went to see Moghiseh and again he said no. And now that the coronavirus has spread, we continue to look to Moghiseh but we cannot find it in the court. They say that it is there, but we have not seen“added the lawyer.

Instagram it is the only social networking app in the United States which citizens can legally use it in Iran. Because the traditional forms of advertising are being severely censored in Iran, many iranians depend in large measure on the application to market their products and services. The young iranians also increasingly used to practice the freedom of speech and expression, which are severely restricted under the theocratic regime. On the 14th of April, Mehdi Mohammadi, director of the prison Shahr-e Rey where was Khishvandsaid that the young instagramer not had COVID-19.

It seems that it has become a habit for the authorities to deny everything, ” he said Derafshan to J.. “It makes No sense to deny this. The director of the prison must recognize the infection and to admit that he has been hospitalized“. Derafshan he added that the disappearance unexplained Moghiseh it is probably affecting other prisoners peaceful not to have been able to advocate for their release because the judge who presided was not available to hear their cases. “The problem at this point is wider than that of the case of Fatemeh Khishvand, ” he said. “Many women in the prison of Shahr-e Rey have been contacted with my colleague and me about the terrible situation inside the prison, and the fear that exists among the inmates by the coronavirus”.

The dream of the young instagramer

Shortly after being detained, the young man was able to converse with a television channel in Iran (IRTV2), where he spoke about his relationship with social networks and how they will modified the life. During the conversation, the 22 year-old woman he explained that the acceptance on the part of the people toward the publications that was were one of the elements of the incited to continue to up the type of related content with your appearance.

“My childhood dream was to be famous”, narrated Tabar in the discussion. “I saw that the people continued what they were doing and, when the ‘likes’ began to growI felt that I was doing the right thing”.

However, the fame didn’t come from the best way, because it was a consequence of having posted images of her with a altered appearance, which was evident thanks to the makeup and to the edition exerted on the photographs.

In the conversation, Tabar showed his repentancesince he admitted that “the vulgarity on social networks you receive many clicks,” and that if he had not followed the path that he chose, now “it would be in a better place”.

In this sense, he spoke about the relationship he had with people close to her, in addition to the little attention that put in their comments: “My mother asked me to stop, but I didn’t hear you. Sometimes, the words of a stranger or a friend may be more important than those of a father,” said the woman with thousands of followers in social networks.

Sahar Tabarwho is the only child of a divorced couple, he also explained that the goal of his surgeries was not to have a look similar to Angelina Jolieas they have pointed out the western media, rather, noted, perhaps with irony, wanted to be like the female character in the film The corpse of the bride, Tim Burton.