The brands of makeup and beauty favorites of the queen Letizia


The champ with the one that gets to boast lustrous mane to the base of makeup that she puts on a good face

Updated 16/04/2020 13:43

Queen Letizia takes care of your image to the milmetro is no novelty. In its 47 years, the monarch can boast of bringing very well the passage of time, your bright face and hardly without wrinkles as testifies to that. However, among its peculiarities is the of look gray without complex, with and without confinement by means. And as with fashion, it is enough to cast the view back to perceive that in the field beauty has been risking step-by-step, coming to dare with makeup of absolute trend. What are their tricks of beauty must-haves? Then, the response.

By their hair, their toned arms or your comentadsima healthy diet; the care of queen Letizia which always arouse great interest. Like all of them, she also has certain routines unavoidable and is faithful to a number of cosmetics that range from a champ organic a miraculous srum Sisley. This is your list of products of beauty favorites.



This is not the first time that we talk about the tricks of the queen Letizia to take care of the skin. Carmen Navarro, which for many years was his beautician, he emphasizes that besides the predisposition, the face smooth and rested from the queen is because it is very disciplined with her beauty ritual; single-use facial treatments with an extra hidratacin. “I especially remember your concern for the sunspots. Not taken or a and took all possible precautions to avoid them”, emphasizes the expert. Ah that it is common to see her with sunglasses, even in the events sphere, and follow the recommendations of the dermatlogos of applied protection sun according to your skin type of skin.

How to care for your skin the queen? Gtresonline

In terms of cosmetics, one of the favorites of the queen to show off your good face is the srum in oil Huile Precieuse la Rose Noire, Sisleyone of their beauty brands of header. This serum has a powerful nourishing and anti-aging on the skin. It is rich in fatty acids essential and, in addition, contains extract of rosa negra, pink blgara and magnolia to help a revitalizing effect and illuminating. It is not extraar that doa Letizia has positioned itself as one of the essentials of your toilet.

1. S
1. Srum in oil Huile Precieuse la Rose Noire, Sisley. 2.Roll-on multi-purpose tree t, of The Lab Room. 3.Makeup Base Sislea Le Teint from Sisley

It seems that king Philip nor does it neglect its routine facial. During a recent trip to the united States was purchasing two products of the firm espaola The Lab Roomboth unisex so we assume that the share with the queen. We refer to the roll-on multi-purpose tree t and the exfoliating mask. With properties antivricas and antibacterial, the oil of tree of t has become a good ally to care for the skin: helps to a clean, non-aggressive and prevents the acn.

Nothing to get out without a few drops of perfume. Recently I desvelbamos that the queen is a fan of the fresh fragrance with blend of notes ctricas and floral, ah three of your favorite perfumes are: Aire by Loewe, Eau de SoirdeSisley and Eau Perfume au Th VertdeBvlgari. Scents that alternate according to the ocasin.

And one of the questions which ms we’ve done is the makeup base use doa Letizia to always get that velvety effect and so natural. Solved the mystery. Usually to bet on Sislea Le Teint, Sisley. A base of ideal treatment for mature skins. Besides, it is long-lasting which makes it perfect to be flawless before the cameras in the event that the acts to be perpetuated.

The queen gives prominence always to look at the time of making-up the...
The queen gives prominence always to look at the time of making-up the face. Gtresonline

If there is a part of the face to which the queen gives all the prominence of its makeup, it is the eyes. We have called the attention of their largusimas pestaas what evidence is that, like Meghan Markle, you’ve probably fallen in the trend of extensions. For the da to da, opt for shadows in neutral tones, and in the events is frame the look with the help of a pencil and eye shadow is most intense.

Let’s get to the hair. From the sudden changes of look of the queen -we’ve seen it with wicks blondes and even with a trendy cut bob – are you still ordering Ruz Valero, his hairdresser in his time as journalist news in TVE. One of the issues ms commented it has been his decision of letting the gray to the eye, a gesture natural to denote personality. Are every time ms the celebrities, Sharon Stone, Salma Hayek, who decide to brag about the white hair to not feel like slaves, nor paint, nor of absurd stereotypes.

Bright and abundant, you'll discover the secrets behind
Bright and abundant, you’ll discover the secrets behind the mane of doa Letizia. Gtresonline

Friend of the natural beauty products, the queen tends to use the champ organic Go Organic Farma Dorsch. Shares, even with their daughters. With l achieves a mane hydrated and ultra-bright, besides it is anticada. Without sulfates, silicones or parabens, it has vitamins B5 and B6, Biotin and Zinc.

If your muscled arms have generated many headlines his legs are not back. Always (even in winter) are tanned, fenmeno that has trick. Queen Letizia rarely wears socks, in contrast, opts for a cosmtico that gives your legs a effect pearlescent of the most flattering. It has been speculated -the basic beauty of the monarch are surrounded by a secrecy absolute – with which you will be using the cream coloured SKIN tight Body Lotion from PRTTY PEAUSHUN. Its subtle brightness, tone and natural effect legs contoured has become the favorite of the celebrities; Rihanna, Kim Kardashian or Cate Blanchett have confessed to use it.

In addition to a exercise routine daily, in the good way of the limbs of the queen comes into play the food healthy. As extra help, the monarch is a fan of the oil anticelultico birch Weleda. A product available in pharmacies since its launch in 2004, has become a best seller.