The conflicts faced by Don Miguelo for their controversial live


Until the night of Sunday, April 12, Don Miguelo he was the absolute master of the nights of Instagram with their controversial live, where they literally gave flesh to the tigers.

The urban artist sought his own strategy to encourage your followers to keep in house. The in living were made in the format of talk show radial, where the singer made comments with his characteristic style, he sent greetings, and connect with his followers from home. Until there everything well!

The program called For or to 10 it would interesting for the connected, when they gave their connection to the girls, as they danced, leaving very little to the imagination. The show was thematic, according to the creativity of Miguelo and his management team.

In the showers, in the guise, or from their bedrooms young girls from all parts of America and Spain were doing all kinds of movements to make the singer aware of the best time, at the same time, the connected gave their opinions.

The space was so successful, that there was a time that broke the record of connected to a live of Instagram, with almost half a million people connected at the same time. Figures like Cardi B, Julián Gil, Ozuna, Maffio, Prince Royce, among others, and some clueless of institutional account connected to see meat.

But beyond the entertainment that it meant to the singer and his fans, another group of people did not see with good eyes the space of the singer, above all, because it was transmitting from San Francisco de Macoris, one of the municipalities most affected with positive cases of the new coronavirus COVID-19.

A few times we see pastors or evangelists to criticize publicly, and so strong an initiative, but Don Miguelo we saw it more than once.

Its a live came to the eyes of the shepherd evangelical Maiker Carpiadosa that rebuked the transmission virtual, and warned his host that God will punish them if not for.

“Tell Don Miguelo which the pastor said that if not for the live of pornography to the hands of God will find him and he will have to give account to God for the bad practices that are doing”, said the pastor Maiker Carpiadosa.

The evangelical minister said that the Instagram is paralysed “when Don Miguelo begins to make the show women half-naked”.

The pastor lamented that “instead of the people to be reflected, and the people be thinking of how to fix with God, is allegedly distracting, why? because pornography is being brought out in public through these live”.

In that same line he expressed the humorist and evangelist Félix Peña, going a little farther. He accused the exponent of The tail Motor to be a perverse and promote pornography.

Peña, in a video uploaded on their social networks, called evil, promoter of pornography and deranged the interpreter for the content that it is presenting each night in their live streams of Instagram.

Singers urban as The Fother, Crazy Design, Subject Gold 24, and The Pen Consciously entered into the debate.

The rapper the Fother criticized the way in which Don Miguelo used their social networks in the midst of the pandemic affecting the Dominican Republic.

The Fother, he said, be it the person with 300 thousand followers in a live on Instagram use the platform to make a prayer chain instead of putting women half-naked dancing.

“If I Had 300k people live on my Instagram right now, I’m making a chain of prayer to humble myself before almighty God and ask with all my heart that forgive the aberration that is in the earth. Give us the chance to start again”, said the also a singer of urban music.

“Lord Tododeroso I ask you to forgive your people who do not know what they are doing and for those who want meat, in parable, spiritual flesh, that means death. I still have not converted, but I hope it’s soon. Continue making sausage the devil from 0 to 10 is what we are going to put,” said the rapper.

He was one of the few that answered Don Miguelo, who noted: “this is my instrument for my people to stay at home. I’ve always believed that you are a good guy, don’t take this the wrong. I understand you, but I do not understand you when I hear your lyrics”, he answered in his time.

Breaks record

The transmissions that each night was the singer urban, achieved impressive figures for the number of connected users were to Don Miguelo among the most influential urban genre during the quarantine period.

This was confirmed by the portal Power1051, who compared the figure of 389 thousand spectators, with 315 thousand to be reached by Drake and Tory Lanez’s. Another thing to note is that you constantly Don Miguelo reached more than 200 thousand, the number of spectators who managed consecutively over several days.

Closing and donation

Finally, the singer closed out their season with a good news for the most needy, the face of this pandemic Coronavirus or Covid-19.

And is that the artist, father of three children, announced as soon as made known to the winners and thanks to the aid collected during the transmission of “0 to 10” will be donated one million pesos in food.

In that sense, Don Miguelo revealed that ten communities of the Dominican Republic will be benefited with an aid of 100 thousand dollars each in food rations.

Among the locations are: San Francisco de Macoris, La Vega, Moca, Puerto Plata, Bonao, The Capital, Veron (Higuey), Barahona, San Cristóbal and Villa Altagracia.

Song with Maffio

Another of the benefits of the lives for the singer urban is watching with his song with Maffio, whom he recorded in the wake of the in alive and already on YouTube, over 300 thousand views.