The day that I met Jennifer Aniston, by Agustina Casanova


When you think of Jennifer Aniston various roles of the actress come to mind. Without a doubt, Rachel of ‘Friends’ will be in the hearts of all.

The professional success, the fame and his personal life always aroused curiosity and served as tapas all the magazines.

Producer, entrepreneur, icon and Hollywood star managed to reinvent itself and aggionarse to the times. The character he plays in the series the Morning Show, Alex Levy, and for which he won several awards, has the pants well put.

Today, with more than 30 million followers on Instagram, it looks real, authentic and fun.

That’s it. I checked the day that I had the opportunity to interview her in Los Angeles, by the sequel of the movie ‘I want to Kill my Boss’.

The appointment was at a well known Beverly Hills hotel. The previous night I slept but little and nothing.

The dream of meeting and interviewing Jennifer Aniston was about to happen. Nerves, anxiety and a wait that very long.

I arrived at around 10 am. My interview was scheduled at a time in the morning, but cut to lunch and I went for the afternoon.

The odd thing is that I was last in the row. I don’t remember how it happened but I was the last of the day (there had already been dozens of people before you) in the interview. The first thing I thought was…!Must already be sick of seeing and answering the questions of journalists from around the world!

However, the surprise was immense. Smiling and also answered each of my questions. Away from the place of diva, his attitude reflected the humility of the great.

“You got five minutes”, I said behind the camera. “Only questions of the film. Nothing personal questions or awkward. Don’t ever ask for a picture”.

Were the rules of the game, and thus accept all.

Of yapa. We went out together in the set, we wandered through a long corridor. We arrived at the lobby of the hotel. She, surrounded by guards, climbed into the limousine. I took a taxi with the material in hand and a smile from ear to ear.

For me, the dream was fulfilled.

By Agustina Casanova