The good news to bring Paul Pogba to the fans of the United


The winner of the World Cup, Paul Pogba was only able to play only eight games for Manchester United this season after struggling with an ankle injury.

“I’m already training and playing the ball,” said Pogba, who has not played since the 26th of December, to United Podcast.

Paul Pogba reveals his frustration

Paul Pogba explained how bad what has happened to the radio of the English club: “I’ve been frustrated for a long time. I am almost there, so I’m thinking to go back and train fully with the team and everything.”

“You think wrong, but I’ve never had anything like that in my career, so I always see it in a good way. I have more hunger to come back and do well. And, yes, it also shows me how much I love football,” explained the midfielder French.

However, the Premier League has been suspended indefinitely due to the spread of the deadly virus.

“You have to have a lot of patience because, well, my injury, I don’t know if people really know what happened. That is why I had a foot injury, which came in the game against Southampton. It was at the beginning of this season, and that’s why I took him for a long time, training and trying to play with him. After I stopped, I discovered that I had a fracture”, he added Pogba.

“He had a plaster, a plaster cast, so that worked out very well, but too well. The bone became larger, and when I got to play those two matches against Watford and Newcastle, I could feel something again,” revealed the player galo.

“So I had to have surgery and now here I am. I don’t feel anything, and I hope to return very soon.” Good news for Manchester United, Pogba is back.