The Internet reacts to the ‘fake’ Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man 3


Marvel Studios has always been characterized by his extensive use of CGI, mainly in its big action sequences. However, the internet users in social networks have reacted puzzled by the use of such a digital tool in a scene Iron Man 3 (2013), whose main character is Tony Stark.

Doing a retrospective, while the filmmaker Shane Black I rode the third installment of the Iron Man, his protagonist Robert Downey Jr. he suffered an ankle injury that disabled for a period of six weeks. The incident only caused a slight delay in the production, but to avoid that the premiere of the film suffered a delay (agreed for the beginning of may 2013) due to the absence of the actor, Marvel opted to film a few scenes with a “fake” Robert Downey Jr.

In particular, the House of Ideas solicited the help of a double action in the final scene of the film that involved a cliff. So with the help of Weta Digital and the team of visual effects, header by Chris Townsend, integrated catches facial in the actor in a digital way.

“We were able to reconstruct Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark on set, with the help of [un] body double and catches facial that we had picked up after,” said Townsend during a chat with IGN.

Iron Man 3

Is so have had to spend 7 long years for that most diehard fans of the MCU to notice the effect. It is fair to say that several of them have reacted astonished, because it had not been noticed… until now.

“Hello yes, did you know that the entire last scene Iron Man 3Marvel employment CGI with Robert Downey Jr. and implemented it in the body of a double because Robert was injured while filming?”

“I feel betrayed”.

“Wait, what?”.

“Why I find it so funny the CGI Robert Downey Jr.? Because they said copy and paste”.

“NOOO. They are just fooling, right?”.

“I don’t have words. It is one of my favorite scenes, and now I can’t see it the same way“.

Robert Downey Jr. has been dismissed finally the role of Iron Man. However, several rumors suggest that we’ll see it one last time in Black Widow. In addition, it seems to lend his voice in the upcoming animated series What If…? Disney+.