“The music of Beyonce is really bold,” – Serena Williams


In the year 2016, Serena Williams made a cameo appearance dancing in The “feel” of Beyonce in the album visual Lemonade. She shared her experience of being part of the project of Beyonce. Apparently, it was assumed that the song would create awareness on social issues such as racism and feminism that takes place in all the world.

“I thought that a particular song on the album visual was really a song strong, and it was also very fun at the same time. You know, I don’t know if you solved social problems or something, “ shared Serena Williams.

“That is definitely a lot, but I definitely think that addresses some. I think that their music is really bold. In particular, this album I think is really bold and really strong. I was really happy to be a part of that. ”

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The as american Serena Williams described the importance of the crop. She also shared her experiences while filming and working with the multi-talented artist Beyonce.

In addition, Beyonce really wanted to dance with Serena, and enjoy the opportunity to work with the superwoman american.

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“It was fun” – Serena Williams on working with Beyonce

“It was something fun. I mean, he knew very well the director. In fact, I know the director since he was nine years old. I know Beyoncé fairly well, so they said: We would love that you were in this song in particular, ” said Serena Williams.

“You know, it’s about strength and about courage and that is what we see you as. She told me that she only wanted to dance as if it were really free, and dance as if no one was watching outside and all.

For Williams, dancing in front of professional cameras was a bit tiring, but with the company of Beyonce, the experience proved to be memorable.

“So that was not easy at first, but then it became easier. And then, you know, we just do some shots. It was fun, ” Williams said.

In addition to his professional success and work together, two women are good friends. During the victory of Serena in the Wimbledon 2016, Beyonce was present in your box.