The retro video of Shakira that captivated their fans


Shakira it is one of the great names of the music world. His songs not only hear in Spanish speaking countries but are part of the whole planet. That is why it has a huge base of fans that follow her on social networks and become one of the most successful people network.

For this reason, Shakira decided to share a video with their followers. The colombian singer took the opportunity to recall a recital which took place some years ago and that was rage not only among their fans but also among the Alejandro Sanz.

Is that the colombian singer shared images of a concert of the Spanish singer where she was the guest speaker. In the same, you can observe the story of Sanz about how the idea came about to participate in her recital, something that is not given many times throughout the history of both musicians.

In this way, close to 600 thousand people already saw this particular video where the singer stands out the command of the colombian. “That I got by sending all over the world? Yooo? Never,” wrote the mother of Sasha and Milan in his posting.

Alejandro Sanz and Shakira they achieved success with a partnership in 2005 when they released ‘Torture’, song that was a complete event managing to remain at the top of the ranking musical of that year. Time after they released ‘I thank You, but no’, that was also a complete success.