The stars of TikTok that have converted their accounts into something very productive


For most of us, TikTok it’s just a fun way to pass the time, whether you make videos or just see.

But for some of the biggest stars rich of TikTok (at least those who are not yet celebrities ), the social networking platform has become a full-time job and very lucrative.

The major stars of the platform , most of which have tens of millions of followers, have been able to convert your videos unique in steady income.

While most of the stars in this list take the music video and lip-sync standard by which TikTok it is better known, there’s more variety here than you think!

Although there is not a “ranking of power” official the stars more rich, we have made some educated guesses-informed, thanks to the guarantees and other agreements that have been made influencers more and more popular.

Then, go through the details of six stars of TikTok that have been converted to their millions of followers in a large mass.

Baby Ariel


If you have not heard about the application mega-popular TikTok (formerly known as, probably you are not familiar with one of their biggest stars, Baby Ariel.

The singer, actress and personality of the social networks of 18, he began to contribute to the implementation of video sharing in 2015, pairing the lips with popular artists like Nicki Minaj, and now has 29.3 million followers (or “fans, “as they are called in the application).

This fame allowed him to make the transition to launch his own music and acting: she starred in a series of YouTube called Baby Doll Records , as well as a movie for Nickelodeon called the Bixler High Private Eye.

Tadhg Fleming


The content creator Tadhg Fleming you are about to take them all in a 10 minute journey that is worth every second: the journey of his father, Derry, learning a popular dance TikTok to 14 seconds “Blinding Lights” of The Weeknd.

Along with his two sisters and his mother, as we all learn quickly, Tadhg teaches him slowly to his father, the high-energy dance, which includes many shots of feet and some swimming in the air.

The result is a series of shots
different, all somehow ruined by Derry, who is actually the
best sport in the world. Finally, the family takes her kitchen dancing to the
patio, that is where the magic happens, but it’s not.

Loren Gray


Loren is, without a doubt, one of the stars of TikTok better paid at this time: until the end of march, it was also the most followed.

Specializes in lip-sync and music videos after transferring from the now defunct, and according to Digiday, the company signed a real record deal with Virgin Records in 2018.

TMZ reported that he obtained an advance of $ 550K for his first album and you can win up to $ 4.8 million in its second, third and fourth album.

Charli D’amelio


Not only exceeded the count of followers of Loren Gray in march, but Charli also built his account in less than a year and got some important agreements with major companies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, has signed with talent agency UTA in January, along with his sister Dixie.

Shortly after, she starred in a commercial for Super Bowl commercials for Sabra Hummus, presumably the first of many such concerts profitable.

Gil Croes


TikTok is not the only source of fans and income for Gil. He also runs the YouTube channel Croes Bros with his brother Jayden, who is also a very important personality of TikTok, and the brothers often appear in the videos of the other.

Jacob Sartorius


Jacob became his fame Came, and in a recording contract legitimate: signed with T3 Music Group and conducted a tour in 2017.

It also came with Millie Bobby Brown, even if they are not already together.

Spencer X


The popular beatboxer it has used sponsorship to earn some money of their millions of followers. According to Business Insider, recently got a deal with Monster Energy.

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